Bonnar, Liam | Stergiadou, Pavlina. Terrain Vague_new architectures in the Atrophic Landscape [koozarch]

Atrophic Landscape


« […] The municipality of Almada witnessed the successive demise of its once vivid industrial life after the construction of the 25 de Abril Bridge which connected Lisbon to the South of the estuary. Albeit the demising character of the Almada, real community can be observed in and around the ruins; an informal public life which works autonomously with its own rules and conditions of life. Paradoxically, across the estuary, the Lisbon reality suffers from an overwhelming artificial presence of “urban renewal”, commercialism, cafe culture and tourist attractions leaving no room for development of local community. In response to the observation of this paradox, we identified the situation not as a problem but as an opportunity, a Terrain Vague for architectural intervention.

 Working within this narrative, the tale is that of conatus; the inherent instincts of self-preservation in regards of death, rebirth and sacrifice. To articulate this tale, a series of rituals stretch across our identified moments of Terrain Vague along the Almada coastline. Our proposed architectural moments deal with the time, movement and form. the crematorium, the cathedral, the necropolis, the flower market. the enflourage and copper workshops are presented as moments within the ritual. Spaces switch between private and public, inhabitable and uninhabitable, intensely personal and expansive, influenced by nature and points entirely removed from it, all orchestrating the ritual of the funeral and encouraging the development of community in the Atrophic Landscape. »

Terrain Vague_New Architectures in the Atrophic Landscape | Liam Bonnar & Pavlina Stergiadou  

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