Bridging between geometry and narrative [koozarch]

Assimilation & fallback with a Data Center Tower


« In our opinion architecture should not be defined only by abstract geometry, but something concrete that relates to our bodily experience of space and the world around us. Architecture should be clear and understandable to everyone, which is why we decided to use two differents way of representations. The first one would be an objective representation, starting from geometric drawings and the first tools of an architect. The plans, sections and axonometry are presented in a simple and precise way. This objective representation goes along with a narrative which aims to convey our personal interpretation and imagination. With colourful perspectives we try to convey an atmosphere for the spaces, adding in tension to the architecture and the landscape. »

Bridging Between Geometry and Narrative | Sophie Grédiac, Louis Lacrocq, Adrien Rouchet & Dimitri Savitchev

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