Fala, atelier. Naivety, an architectural tool [koozarch]

Warehouse House, Lisbon Portugal


« We are young architects. So, to some extent, being naive is a condition, not an option.

Nevertheless, we emphasize it because we tend to let the naivety become a tool. We produce a naive architecture because we believe clients care (and they don’t). Because we lose competitions all the time, and we lose on purpose. There is always a stage in a competition when you look at the project and you know that you have two choices. You can turn in one direction and make a project that the jury wants, and you might stand a chance of getting a prize or even winning. Or you turn the opposite way and you do what you feel is right. We often choose the second option, we get some compliments, but the fact is that we don’t win.

The naivety is also simply in the way we approach each project. We always think that trying something is more important than doing things “correctly.” Even the simple fact that we decided so early to open an office is a very naive gesture. We often have the feeling that if we don’t take “naive” risks, it won’t get that interesting for us. So we try to let our innocent first ideas become something important. It can actually make for a very complex trajectory of the project, because the project still has to be coherent and make sense in the end. »

Naivety_An Architectural Tool | Fala Atelier

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