Miltiadous, Kyriakos. A built mythology [koozarch]

A built mythology


« The format plays a vital role to the way my project is conceived and perceived. I adopted a linear narrative in my project through which a new truth is being formed and revealed in the horizon. I consider architecture as the Medium that enables me to reflect and materialize my ideas. As an art of communication, architecture narrates a story, or allows a story to be told, through its own materials.
Every medium has its own tools and means by which a thought is implemented in the real time and space. Different mediums as that of literature or film, could give a different potential to the proposal. It would be very interesting to examine the way by which other fields, such as those of literature and film, could enrich the architectural creation and enhance the spatial narration. »

A Built Mythology | Kyriakos Miltiadous

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