Trotignon, Claire. Interrogating the codes that define our reality [koozarch]

Mais Pluton reste, Les permutations series Drawing, collage of old engravings, cyanotype, atlas


« Working with fragments is like following a story. I collect old engravings which often come from old worn books. I cut those prints to create my palette of shapes and colors. I like the fact that the fragments bring their own history on the blank paper to create a new one […]
Despite some recognizable elements (the drawing of a hand hanging on a stone is a recurrent hidden motif), fragments extracted from their context loose their original meaning. It expresses how the fragmentation is an idea of measuring, scale, value, an endless « mise en abîme » to ask ourselves if the subject is only defined by its context or if there are other possibilities to combine fragments together in order to create a new immutable version. »

Interrogating the Codes that Define our Reality | Claire Trotignon

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