Masonry : rebuild the rubble | re:easa 2018
rijeka, hr | july 21th – august 04th

History and stories, concretised in rubble

“A mason building walls often use the rubbles he can find right on site.
These materials coming from the past, mostly damaged, are often neglected, barely considered or concealed. But it’s a resource for him to save time and money, while freeing the surroundings of these rubbish. And in a spontaneous gesture, the mason continues the history of the site.

Cities change, just like Rijeka. They evolve on their own : in a way, destroyed buildings offer a useful waste, a amount close to materials needed to erect new constructions, themselves able to carry new stories.

Masonry takes part in this perpetual reconversion, creating a fresh material to carve, a unique rock composed of recycled Rijeka’s building rubbles, poured into mortar. Broken bricks, roofing slates and other found materials become precious resources to collect and mason together, first step to reanimate places by offering them a new marble to engrave.”

workshop conducted by supra architecture collective, selected for collective achievement by the European Assembly of Students in Architecture (easa) for the annual summer university 2018.

tutors : denis plancque (dp), baptiste quetelart (bq)

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